Why Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process Is Smart

Whether you’re a growing organization with a multinational presence, or you’re a start-up looking to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace, there is value in outsourcing your recruitment process to an outside vendor.

Why would you consider outsourcing your recruitment process? The reason often boils down to operational challenges that your existing talent acquisition strategy fails to mitigate. There are a number of often-cited challenges ITS Global clients express.

Recruitment Takes Time and Energy Away from Existing Resources

The modern recruitment landscape can be complicated terrain for hiring managers to tackle. Without the right strategy or tools. The waters are muddy. Yet in countless instances, resources are thrown into this unknown terrain and left to iron out a staffing strategy that is compelling enough to win candidates over. Oh, and they do this in addition to their business-critical work.

The evolution of talent acquisition requires subject matter experts. By outsourcing your hiring to an external vendor, you’re collaborating with an organization that knows the pulse of the candidate marketplace. In return, your hiring manager is not using valuable time and energy on recruitment exercises that they’re not competent enough to manage. This is not an ‘insult’ to the intelligence of your internal resources; instead, it’s a reality of the need for increased training and focus in talent acquisition.

Reduce Your Hiring Overhead

When talking about recruitment process outsourcing, it’s distinct from outsourcing your HR functions. HR departments are typically adept at handling the nuance of their role quite well. Talent acquisition is a new frontier – and it’s one that evolves on a regular basis. It would be unreasonable to expect your HR department to study the latest trends in active recruitment while simultaneously managing their own workload.

Researchers at Indeed have found that when HR exclusively manages the recruitment needs of an organization, the result is a broken process with lots of gaps. The costs begin to pile-up as a result of a broken, inconsistent recruitment process.

Instead, allow your business to have the infusion of knowledge and expertise found with outsourced recruitment. ITS Global, for instance, has a keen interest in helping their clients establish a regimented recruitment process that emphasizes bleeding edge technology & the latest trends in talent acquisition.

Find the Right Candidates & Reduce Turnover

A high turnover rate hurts a company’s bottom line. Studies have routinely shown that a business of any size that lacks structure in its recruitment process has a higher prevalence of turnover – sometimes over 70% turnover before the end of their probation period!

There’s no doubt that these businesses suffer because a) they lack structure, and b) because they’re having trouble sourcing the right candidates.

If your corporation is serious about reducing costs associated with recruitment, it’s going to take a multifaceted approach. You’ll need to add structure to your organization, but you’ll also need to expand your candidate pool to find the right talent the first time (before candidates leave and hurt your culture!) Working with an outsourced firm will not only help you establish that structure over the long term, but it will also help your business effectively speak to more candidates.

At ITS Global, we invest in business growth by effectively implementing talent acquisition programs that allow companies to scale their growth and be a success. Let’s meet to discuss further – coffees on us! You can reach out to us at 416-689-4653 or email Ross Cadastre at [email protected] to schedule a confidential free
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