What Top-Rated Workplaces Are Doing Right

Earlier in 2019, Indeed published a list of the 50 highest rated workplaces in North America. The top 10 comprised of the usual suspects – Facebook, Adobe, Intuit, eBay, Microsoft. These workplaces are innovative, progressive, and pioneers in their respective spaces. Frankly, it’s little wonder that they’re consistently ranked among the top employers for job seekers.

It’s clear and unmistakable that these businesses are doing something right. But just what are they doing that’s making the difference to the qualified candidates who they attract?

Online Presence Matters

When candidates come to know your business, they’re studying your business from the lens of who is presently part of your team; who has left your team and what their thoughts of your business are; and what you’re offering to support their individual career growth.

Candidates have an array of tools at their disposal to get to know your business. For instance, they can find you on Glassdoor to learn about people’s experiences with you. Moreover, they can deduce if those experiences meet their lifestyle needs and career aspirations. How about other tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? What you share – and what you don’t share – gives candidates a glimpse of your business and its culture. According to Indeed, 95% of workers admit that a company’s online reputation is important in their employment decisions.

The importance of online reviews, coupled with how aggressive the employment landscape is – especially for technology companies – necessitates that you go above and beyond to provide an exciting and fresh candidate experience.

Become an Employer of Choice

Indeed’s number one employer of choice was Adobe. Yes, the PDF and Photoshop people!

But Adobe is more than that. Adobe has built a name for themselves by having hundreds of positive company reviews that give high marks for work-life balance, compensation and benefits, culture, management, and job security.

Moreover, their focus on improving the quality of Photoshop and PDF is incredible.

What more could an employee ask for?

The Recurring Theme

Critical to any employee is the culture of your organization. Do you foster an environment that is supportive and collaborative? Do you have ‘fun’ at work when appropriate, or is it all business all the time? These and other questions really summarize everything an employee considers important to them in their decision making.

Suffice it to say, it’s just as important to invest in your people as it is to invest in your product offering.

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