Three Habits of Highly Successful People and Culture Professionals

The hiring landscape across North America is altogether competitive, challenging, and unforgiving to most businesses. Serial entrepreneurs need capable talent executives to tap into the candidate marketplace. When business leaders listen to the pulse of the candidate marketplace, they can start to forecast productivity within their enterprise and hire according to that foresight.

However, competent entrepreneurs know the importance of delegating work to their peers. One person cannot run their business on an island, so today’s entrepreneur knows to cast their proverbial net to find like-minded professionals to grow the business with. One person who must be a key fixture to a growing organization is the People and Culture executive.

A People and Culture professional is someone who’s mandated to be a voice for the business to the candidate marketplace. Moreover, this individual will typically busy themselves with recruitment, talent management, and other collaborative efforts with the human resource office of an organization.

A capable People and Culture professional will often demonstrate the following habits in their day to day efforts:

Collaboration is Essential

The best People and Culture professionals maintain a strong relationship with hiring managers in their organization. This collaborative relationship is regularly nurtured, and the People and Culture specialists will often sit with hiring managers to prioritize hiring needs.

Every hiring manager will have unique challenges; therefore, competent People and Culture specialist becomes a problem solver within their respective organizations.

Find Mentors to Foster Professional Growth

Recruitment is a tough business. Talent managers know how difficult it can be to navigate the marketplace; more often than not, the People and Culture specialist is managing multiple roles simultaneously. Everyone needs someone to talk to and wise People and Culture professionals know it helps to have a sounding board.

The best mentor will be someone who is familiar with the recruitment space because they will understand your challenges. Moreover, they’ll be more inclined to help their mentees sort through their problems as they arise.

Frankly, in today’s recruitment landscape, the People and Culture specialist is well advised to have more than one mentor as it can make the difference between success and burn-out!

Be an Advocate for Your Candidates

A People and Culture professional is a mouthpiece primarily for the business. Having said that, the heart of the talent acquisition industry hinges on the candidate experience. An organization can be defined not by what they can sell to the marketplace, but by how they treat prospective and current employees.

The best organizations – and in turn the best People and Culture specialists – know the value of their ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Therefore, the candidate and employee experience is essential to the growth of their business.

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