The Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming an Entrepreneur

The road to entrepreneurship often comes with roadblocks, unfulfilled plans, and countless sleepless nights. Despite its challenges, when you hang in there just a little longer, you realize that success may be just around the corner. 

Every year, many entrepreneurs embark on the journey to accomplish their dreams by turning their vision to action, blazing new trails, and inspiring others to join them.  One such entrepreneur is Ross Cadastre.  


 “A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.” – Barack Obama 

This quote guides the professional life of one of the Top 100 Canadian Professionals, CEO, and Founder of Innovative Talent Solutions, Ross Cadastre.  

Ross grew up in Castries on the island of Saint Lucia. Born into a family with a father who revolutionized the insurance and hotel industries innovation was a part of what he saw at an early age and it profoundly influenced his decisions. He has dedicated nearly 25 years of his career to assisting companies with solving some of the most complex talent acquisition challenges.  

After moving to Canada in 1998, he entered the IT recruitment industry, where he worked with small boutique recruitment agencies as well as large national agencies, and by 2010, he was leading the Canadian recruitment delivery operations for Experis (a ManpowerGroup division). In 2017, Ross launched Toronto-based Innovative Talent Solutions, Inc., a 360° talent partner focused on enabling startups and high growth companies to build top-performing teams under its two brands – ITS Global and Kontingence.  

For Ross, nothing is seen as a setback but as an opportunity to learn. He believes that above all, if you possess the right attitude and put in the right effort, you will succeed. 

Ross’ Success Equation:                        Attitude + Effort = Success 


If you are contemplating entrepreneurship, consider Ross’ Do’s and Don’ts of becoming a truly successful entrepreneur.  


  1. Find a mentor or coach: It is essential to have someone who has walked the walked to prepare and guide you for the long journey. 
  1. Plan before starting your business: Planning is a significant part of starting your business but not only having a plan but also understanding it. 
  1. Possess tenacity, and a never give up mentality: These qualities will help you follow through with your goals. 


  1. Don’t try to do it alone: No man is an island, and it is vital to have the right people in your corner. It is also crucial to not only listen to what they are saying but also understand what is said. 
  1. Don’t let everyone’s opinion govern your decision: Individuals will have their views and advice on how to run your business and what you should be doing, but it is best to eliminate the noise and clutter and listen to the right voices. 
  1. Don’t be married to your idea: You should be open to pivoting when the market calls for it. It is essential to be open to change and moving away from your plan if it is not the right time and place for it. Try not to be married to the idea that you are not open to listening to the opinions of those on your team. 

While managing his growing business, Ross finds time to give back to the community through his involvement in numerous organizations. He is the current Communications Director for the Black Business and Professional Association and President of The Union of St. Lucian Overseas Associations. He has received several awards, including his recognition at the Black Business Awards and his induction into the Black Canadian National Wall of Role Models.  

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