Talent Research & Insights

Understanding your talent needs is critical to growing your company. In the war for talent, it is important to have insight into the talent available in the marketplace to plan for future hires.

We provide talent market mapping and pipelining services to assist you with planning your long-term talent needs and finding the right people to meet those needs. Our Research & Sourcing Centre (RSC) team provides in-depth searches to support your recruitment efforts.   We do not just acquire skilled, qualified and experienced people; we acquire those who have the talent to make these attributes work for you.

With this service, we will provide you with an Engagement Manager (EM) who will work with our RSC using advanced sourcing techniques and technology to deliver the talent you need.

Our team will help you find hidden, talented, qualified candidates cost-effectively. Our RSC specialists use their networks and connections to identify and connect you to talent, while you maintain control over the interview selection, hiring and onboarding process.