Strengthen Your Diversity Leadership Efforts Amidst A Crisis With these 3 Practices

In recent times, the goal of many companies has been to strive for hiring diversity during regular business periods. But in an unprecedented crisis like this, what practices can leaders take to strengthen diversity within their organizations? 

As an instrumental value of companies’ missions, diversity efforts must be resilient and sustainable. Amidst this uncertainty, employees look towards their leaders and those in authority to reaffirm their actions and for support. Leaders are now faced with the challenging task of relaying and communicating these business realities to their employees while fostering a sense of hope and belonging.  

To navigate global crisis times, organizations must find innovative leadership concepts to sustain, empower, and engage diverse workforces. Here are three practices that will help strengthen your company’s diversity efforts: 

  1. Diversity as a Mission 
  1. Diversity Leadership requires equitable decision-making 
  1. Decisions lie with Pivoting or Pausing 

Diversity as a Mission 

Companies need to make diverse hiring practices a staple in their management thinking more than ever before. It should no longer just be another goal to achieve but embedded in your company’s mission and culture. By understanding and aligning your diversity practices with your organizational goals, you will have a chance to reach your intended target. 

Diversity Leadership requires equitable decision-making 

This pandemic has forced managers and leaders to make rather difficult decisions. It is essential that you stand by your company’s diversity goals and progress made through creating conscious diversity within your team or organization; thus, refrain from reverting to natural survival instincts. Avoid bias in your decisions as it relates to judgments regarding employee performance or employment status. Despite not being able to control external forces, ensure equitable choices are made within your organization by encompassing equity in staffing, pay, and promotions. 

Decisions lie with Pivoting or Pausing 

As leaders, we are now navigating unchartered waters, and understandably, it is daunting as we are learning various techniques that will help us survive and thrive in this new work reality. Should your company pivot or find alternative practices or strategies while you enter this severe economic downturn? Or do you pause and revisit your plans later? Your decisions should consider your goals which must be aligned with your company’s current situation and needs. 

Final Thoughts 

In our new normal, no solution is perfect or one-size-fits-all. However, strengthening your leadership efforts and amplifying your commitment towards diversity will help achieve your diversity goals. 

Stay tuned to our next blog to learn more about fostering an inclusive work environment! 

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