Social Media As A Tool For Hiring Managers


Social Media As A Tool For Hiring Managers

70%: That’s the number of employers who admit to incorporating social media into their hiring process, and for a good reason! Social media used correctly is an ace up the sleeves of every recruiter. 95% of recruiters use it as a medium of gaining reach for their job openings. 61% of employers use social media as a filter to assess their candidate pool and up to 50% require their candidates to have a social media presence. Its benefits are numerous provided you know just what you’re doing.

Here are four of the ways you can go about using social media as a recruiter to find the right candidates and place them!

1. Expanding the reach of your job opening

It’s no secret that the best minds today (regardless of the field) spend time on social media. It’s their playground, and by virtue of that, the perfect hunting ground for a recruiter. Promoting your job offerings on social media is guaranteed to drive in more responses than other conventional means. This increased candidate pool means you get a wider demographic to sample from which invariably means more qualified and experienced candidates. Add that to the fact that it costs considerably less than other more traditional marketing channels, it’s easy to see why top brands like Dell make social media an integral part of their recruitment process.

2. Evaluating your candidates

When recruiting, more especially for creative roles, it is imperative that you assess candidates not just based on their qualifications but also, their personality traits. Social media provides an avenue to do just that. In this age of digitalization, virtually everyone maintains an online persona (professional or not) that you as a recruiter can use and make a fairly accurate assessment of personality traits. All you’ve got to do is peruse these social media profiles.

3. Finding the perfect fit

When you have a particular template requiring specific qualifications, character traits and experience to fill, social media is the place to undertake your employee shopping. A social network like LinkedIn by default mandates users to divulge many professional details about themselves. As a recruiter, all you to do is swoop in with your template and find a corresponding match. Easy, efficient and time-saving. It’s no wonder why, per the 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report, social media along with referrals from employees stand out as the two major sources for singling out professional and specific talents.

4. Projecting a better image of your firm

The best candidates want to work for the best firms. So, how do they figure out which is the best and which is the worst? By what they see and hear. Social media provides an avenue to showcase your company in a favourable light. There are many ways to do this – encouraging your staff to share their experiences, using Twitter to enlighten, Facebook to connect with the general public and LinkedIn as a portal for showcasing your achievements as a company are some direct approaches you could take.

Now that you know in which ways social media can be beneficial to your recruitment process, it’s time to join the majority in projecting the right image for your firm and exploiting the many other benefits of social media. Trust us when we say it’s worth every effort invested.


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