Talent Research & Insights

Understanding the talent climate is critical to growing your company. In the war for talent, it is important to have insight into the skills available in the marketplace to plan for future hires.

We provide talent market mapping and pipelining services to assist you with planning your long-term talent needs.

Talent Sourcing

Our Research & Sourcing (RSC) team provides in-depth searches to support your recruitment efforts.

With this service, you will be provided with a Talent Advisor (TA) who will work with our RSC to deliver talent using advanced sourcing techniques and technology.

Our team will help you find hidden, qualified candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our RSC specialists use their networks and connections to identify and connect you to talent, while you maintain control over the interview selection, hiring and onboarding process.

Talent Acquisition

Growing companies need qualified and capable talent to accelerate quickly. With our onsite advisory service, we become an extension of your human resources or talent acquisition team. This allows you to have access to our industry knowledge and proven recruiting strategies, while still maintaining control over hiring decisions.

Our team will work with you to formulate a recruiting structure and process. We will handle single or multiple hires and scale the team while controlling your cost per hire. This will allow you to focus on assessing top talent for your organization.

Talent Alignment

Even the best available talent would not contribute to your organization’s success if there is a misalignment of the goals and the talent to achieve these goals.

Talent Alignment ensures that the organization is healthy and that goals, processes, policies, and talent are set up in a way to maximize the organization’s resources.