Secure Virtual Workspace

In an evolving business landscape, organizations must provide their workforce with a reliable, secure way to do work.

In response to the current pandemic, companies have moved towards remote work, which can be challenging for administrators. A big challenge for employers is giving employees external access to company resources without compromising security.

So, how can you give employees access to your company’s files while keeping your intellectual property safe? A secure virtual workspace (SVW) meets employee expectations, organizational goals and security needs.

A SVW is a protected work environment connecting users digitally, allowing them to access company resources externally while remaining separate from the host environment. Employee productivity is one of the main benefits of implementing a SVW. Whether they use a personal or company-owned device, team members can access your organization’s software and resources they need anytime and anywhere.

Here are some reasons a SVW could work for you and your company.

Easy Transition to Remote Work
Virtual workspaces present a safe space for remote workers to find the resources they need. With the tools they need at their disposal, your employees can be productive while working from home.

Cost Savings
With your employees working from home, no physical office space is required, leading to lower company costs. These cost savings mean higher profits.

Assess to Global Talent
Virtual workspaces provide access to a global workforce, which presents business opportunities that cross physical borders. Your ability to recruit employees globally increases your access to talent.

Cost of Recovery Decreases
Business disruptions caused by infrastructural unattainability, decreased productivity due to security incidents, or securely supporting remote work prove costly on companies. Virtual workspaces can meet the needs of your employees who work from home or the office. They also reduce the cost of disaster recovery, while maintaining business continuity.

Environmentally Friendly
With employees no longer needing to commute, virtual workspaces reduce the need for travel, resulting in lower emissions.

Final Thoughts
Secure virtual workspaces create an opportunity for enhanced data loss prevention. Although the initial hurdles of getting it started may seem higher than anticipated, it pays back in data protection, risk mitigation and enhanced security, which is well worth the struggle. You could onboard, manage and audit global teams in a secure virtual environment.

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