Remote Interview Fears and How to Overcome Them

Remote meetings, classes, and interviews have earned a vital role in our lives, bringing with them a new set of challenges…  

In our new reality, finding alternate solutions to conduct our daily routines is essential. As recruiting firms, although face-to-face conversations are currently unavailable, we remain connected through technology. When seeking new remote talent, knowing and understanding their concerns is crucial.  

With the interviewing process online, candidates have expressed a few concerns, so here are their top three fears and tips on how we could overcome them.  

Fear of encountering technical issues 

Despite being knowledgeable and experienced in video technology, candidates may still feel uncomfortable about conducting video interviews. This fear may negatively impact their performance.  

Interviewee: To overcome this, we recommend conducting multiple video interviews with family members and friends to help get you comfortable, which will ultimately build self-confidence. Additionally, just as you would show up early for an interview at the company, be sure to allow yourself time to set up and join in early, even though its remotely.  

Interviewer: Preparing candidates the best way possible is vital. Please do so by; ensuring that they have the necessary software and equipment to conduct the interview, furnishing them with team members’ telephone numbers in case of any technical glitches, and providing them with a document that outlines the interview process. Moreover, a “how-to” guide on accessing the platform, whether your preference is Skype, Zoom, WebEx, or Google Hangouts, can be shared.  

Fear of being unable to comprehend the organization’s culture 

This fear may arise as a result of not being physically present at the company to witness the work environment firsthand. Ordinarily, this would provide applicants with an understanding of the employees’ overall culture and attitudes while at work. 

Interviewee: Make a list of questions you would like to know about the company and then view their social media pages and websites in search of answers. If you are unable to find relevant information, you could ask the questions during the interview. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of the organization. 

Interviewer: Effectively highlighting your company’s culture during the interview will give the candidate a better understanding of your values and the environment. Be sure to share your mission, structure, core values, and exciting stories that are worth telling. If your preference is Zoom, then using an image of the office as a virtual background will be appropriate in giving the candidate an idea of the physical structure. They will appreciate that! 

Fear of not building rapport with interviewing team 

Remote interviews are different from in-person ones; thus, with the absence of real experiences, it may be challenging to establish a connection.  

Interviewee: Conduct a mock-interview with yourself in front of a mirror or with anyone willing to assist. It is crucial to create a list of questions you would like to ask as well as interview questions to practice beforehand. This will help with the flow of the conversation so you can tell what works and what does not, allowing you to adjust in time for the real one. Since the interview will be done remotely, you can use your list as a guide. 

Interviewer: It is vital that you listen to the content provided as well as the tone in which it is being said. To avoid taking notes which may disrupt the flow of communication, you could record the interview with your candidate’s approval. You will then be able to review this later, ensuring that your decision is made with precision. This is a great advantage that is not available with face-to-face interviews!  

These are just a few of our tips to overcome some interview fears. Visit to learn about our career opportunities

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