Recruiting in 2021: Three Changes That Will Reshape How Companies Recruit

When compared to a year ago, today’s recruiting looks drastically different. Such shifts in the way we recruit may have taken years to accomplish, but these have come in only a matter of months due to the world’s movement for racial justice and the current pandemic. 

Many companies are now recruiting virtually, with remote working being the new norm from 2020 and staying here. The recent global marches have brought diversity to the forefront, and companies are finally treating it with the urgency and accountability it has always deserved.  

With this sudden acceleration in recruiting trends, here are three changes that will shape the way you recruit in 2021: 

  1. Virtual Recruiting 
  1. Recruiting Keeps Your Company Accountable for Diversity 
  1. Recruiting Builds New Skills to Align with Your Company 

Virtual Recruiting  

Despite companies dabbling in remote assessments and video interviewing previously, last year’s lockdown realities have forced companies to generate virtual recruiting processes. This year we will see the combination of both virtual and in-person elements of the recruiting process. Thus, organizations will need to improve their virtual processes when seeking to add human touches to their systems and select when to utilize in-person or virtual recruiting while optimizing the candidate experience. 

Recruiting Keeps Your Company Accountable on Diversity 

Numerous companies worldwide have stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. As such, employees, customers, and candidates are ever watchful to see how their public stance will translate into action. As a company-critical priority that should be led by recruiting, diversity presents many benefits. Companies will increase effort into tailoring job postings to attract and appeal to more diverse applicants. There will be an increase in available talent pools with remote work, which creates access to candidates from minority and underrepresented groups. Thus, recruiters will provide and advocate for a diverse pipeline of candidates.  

Recruiting Builds New Skills to Align with Your Company 

Recruiting personnel will need to adapt to the ever-changing priorities faced by businesses as the year progresses. Some recruiters hire according to various teams, roles, locations, while others go beyond the hiring process. Recruiters are now building new skills that align with the companies they work with, such as decision-making, diversity and inclusion, and HR strategy. These are essential to their personal development as they aim to bring clarity to candidate data, improve the hiring process virtually, and reshape employer branding. 

Final Thoughts 

These trends will continue to reshape our recruiting strategies over the year and beyond. As recruiting teams change to align with the ever-shifting business priorities, the organization must keep abreast of the trends to improve and adjust recruitment goals and strategies. 

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