Recommendations For A Successful Onboarding Process

Finding the best talents for your company’s positions is only the beginning of building that dream team…Onboarding comes next… 

The onboarding of new employees is the procedure of helping newly recruited team members get acquainted with company policies, culture, and workflow. Organizations must not confuse onboarding with orientation as it is a strategic and comprehensive process that typically lasts at least a year. It ensures that employees are provided with the tools and necessary information to assist them in their role.  

As a manager, it is essential to note that new hires’ experiences will determine whether they will be contented, productive workers who will remain with your firm over the following months. 

Here are our seven recommendations for a SUCCESS-ful onboarding process. 

  1. Sensitize Staff and Prepare them for the recruit 

This process is about making the employee feel as welcomed, appreciated, and prepared as possible to excel in their new role. By informing staff members of the new employee ahead of their first day, they can get ready for the arrival and prepare to assist them where necessary. Be sure to include the employee’s name, role in the company, and past experiences. 

  1. User-friendly and Organized Workstation 

Get your new employee’s workspace up and ready for their arrival. Therefore, consider having your IT team set up their computer ahead of the first day and equip them with the required office supplies, office directories, and other necessities to perform their tasks. It is vital to make them feel at home and excited about their new role from day one! 

  1. Connect Employees to Company Programs 

It is critical to provide the new employee with access to any tools, software, or platforms needed to perform their daily duties. Not having access to essential electronic files or programs may negatively affect their outlook on your company. Bear in mind that first impressions leave lasting impacts. 

  1. Conduct an Introductory ‘Meet and Greet’ 

In making the employee feel welcomed and appreciated, have them meet with key personnel within the various departments of the business. It will assist them in understanding the functions of your company and their role in contributing to the overall operations. 

  1. Engage Staff in Team-Building Social 

Having a team gathering will foster good work relationships with the new employee and their department. This could be held within the first week and allows the team to get to know their new member outside of the work environment.  

  1. Staff training is vital 

Your new employee is now settled in and should be trained on the various task-related procedures. Despite having performed the same duties in their previous jobs, they have not done them at your establishment. Schedule training to help get them acquainted with how you do business and what is expected of them. Additionally, you may wish to put a buddy system in place where the employee has a mentor who will help get then settled into their new role. 

  1. Schedule Follow-up Sessions 

It is vital to set up a follow-up plan to check-in with your new employee to ensure that they are progressing well and is quickly assimilating into the organization’s policies and culture. This could be done over the first three months of hire. Take this time to gain knowledge on your process from the employee’s perspective. It will assist in adjusting if needed.  

A successful new employee onboarding process will set the tone for a great work relationship. Make it a memorable work experience! 

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