Proven Strategies for Successful Mass Hiring

Here’s the good news: if you’re talking about mass hiring, then your business is growing quickly (fantastic news, kudos to you!) You may be in the midst of a mass hiring spree, or you may be strategizing with your team to scale the business in the future. In the start-up world, this hiring spree is even more pronounced since it’s coupled with finding a large enough space to house your growing team.

There are some serious downsides to mass hiring for start-up entrepreneurs. One of them is that if you’re hiring a multitude of people can have a damning effect on your company culture. How can you hire hundreds of candidates in a short space of time and simultaneously mitigate the risk of derailing your company culture?

There are several proven strategies that technology start-ups can implement.

Have a Roadmap in Place for Mass Hiring Initiatives

This is a business-critical step for your technology start-up. Start-up entrepreneurs will want to collaborate with a workforce management firm like ITS Global and people within their organization who know the company well. You need all the intelligence to help you discern what kind of talent you are actually looking for.

Start Recruiting Early – and Avoid Mass Interviews Where Possible

This isn’t counterproductive. It’s wholly necessary! Your business will be negatively impacted by your impulse to put bodies in seats unnecessarily. It’s important to identify qualified candidates for your roles, not just finding any potential candidate. You do need to make quick decisions when you identify strong candidates; you need to present offers that are compelling enough that the talent you covet will be persuaded to work with you. A workforce management firm like ITS Global is a key partner in helping you listen to the pulse of the candidate marketplace to know what the market demands.

Plan Effective Training and Onboarding

Start-ups engaged in mass hiring often mistakenly incorporate a mass onboarding strategy to complement it. A recent Forbes study suggests that nearly 20% of all staff turnover occurs during the first 45 days of employment – one of the top reasons for early employee turnover is ineffective/impersonal/lack of effective onboarding. You don’t want to exhaust the onboarding process, but it’s a great idea to implement a strategy that is both quick and personable. Don’t leave your new employees only to their mass onboarding exercises. It’s important to develop a personalized onboarding strategy to optimize employee engagement.

This list is by no means exhaustive. As a start-up entrepreneur, it’s imperative to identify effective partners that care for your growth. Those partners should be a combination of internal resources – people who know your company well – and external resources like ITS Global.

At ITS Global, we specialize in workforce management consulting. Our clients rely on us to effectively implement a talent acquisition program that will allow them to scale their growth and be a success. Let’s meet to discuss further – coffees on us! You can reach out to us at 416-689-4653 or email Ross Cadastre at [email protected] to schedule a confidential free meeting today!

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