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At ITS Global, we focus on connecting the right talent with the right job and that’s why we take time to understand the needs of our clients. As a strategic talent partner, we create solutions specific to your vision of success. Our recruitment team include experts from across markets, industries and verticals. They stay with you throughout the process to seamlessly solve your talent challenges. Whether there is a shift in business priorities, increased workload or specific project needs, our team delivers the right fit with agile, qualified and in-demand professionals.


Grow with a remarkable talent team

Organizational success begins with recognizing the talent that can turn into a committed and inspired workforce. As a trusted talent acquisition partner, providing Staffing Solutions in Canada, we take pleasure in transforming lives through advancing careers and helping the organizations we serve grow through the practice of consultative, collaborative, personal and result-oriented recruitment. From us, you can get a complete spectrum of offerings driven by insights, research and everything you need to meet long-term business growth. So, are you ready to streamline your acquisition process, meet qualified candidates and take your company forward with future leaders? Leave it to ITS Global to make informed hiring decisions.

Our goal is simple – to be the best partner for the clients and communities we serve. Every organization has unique needs, we work with you to understand your individual requirements to provide you with top-quality Staffing Services in Canada.


Is RaaS right for you?

we bring value

We want to succeed with you. Therefore, we take the time to get to know you and form a partnership dedicated to scaling your company with great talent. Our combined expertise in building a business and finding top talent is the magic formula for your growth.
We understand that building a strong employer brand and value proposition is vital to your success. Thus, we represent you in the talent market to ensure that your brand is well-positioned with active and passive candidates.
We are part of your team and, therefore, are fully engaged with you in all the steps of the recruitment life cycle. We have a dedicated team, led by our VP of Delivery, whose mission is to understand you and your business.
In addition to saving you advertising, promotion and administration costs, we save you valuable time that you can invest into growing a successful business. You control the cost of hiring. The monthly subscription fees remain the same despite the number of candidates you hire.
We know talent. We will advise and consult with you on all stages of the recruitment process. Where needed, we will bring in other partner companies to meet the needs that we cannot and we’ll manage those relationships.
We spend so much time building our partnership with you because we believe that success is assured with collaboration. Here are some value-add services we provide:
  • Online Reference Checks
  • Candidate Profiles and Training Guides
  • HR Consulting
  • Payrolling

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