Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Toronto Raptors

When it comes to sports and public engagement, we have to stand in awe of the proverbial champions of the world: the NBA. Yes, Canada is a hockey country – but even Canadian’s were taken on a tour de force during the last Canadian NBA season, which proved to be the most dominating in history. The Toronto Raptors capped last season off by handily defeating the two-time NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, and bringing a championship to the great white north.

Now with the championship banners lifted high atop the Scotiabank Arena, the 2020 season is officially underway. The plots and subplots to follow are unknown; yet, in the midst of the uncertainty surrounding Canada’s only NBA franchise, one thing we can certainly ascertain is that basketball in Canada is enduring a period of growth and excitement that’ll be hard to contain for the next several years.

There are similarities to be drawn when comparing how hiring managers invest their efforts into supporting business growth and the lengths the Toronto Raptors went to capture their first NBA championship. Hiring managers acknowledge that finding the right talent can be a difficult exercise; but, in the midst of that work, you will find candidates that can significantly change your organization now and into the future.

Talent Acquisition is an Art – and a Science!

Consider some of the key personnel changes to the Toronto Raptors roster. Fan-favorite Demar DeRozan was packaged in a historic deal for Kawhi Leonard. The two talents are different in a multitude of ways; however, Kawhi Leonardo has a natural instinct on the defensive end of the basketball floor that the organization could not ignore. Despite the risk of losing Kawhi Leonard at the end of the season, the Raptors made the appropriate move to acquire his services.

Businesses need to take note of these extraordinary measures. When a candidate comes across your desk that is ‘too senior’ or ‘overqualified,’ there’s even more incentive to evaluate the strength of their candidacy. There’s a tendency to overlook skilled candidates because the organization is concerned about retention. Well, good – be concerned. But more importantly, it is time to build an elite business and hire the best talent for the job – that single hire, regardless of how long their expected stay in your organization is, can permanently change the culture of your organization.

Growth is a Team Exercise

As soon as Toronto acquired Kawhi Leonard, there was a noticeable shift in the demeanor of the team. The team knew their individual roles; moreover, they started to grow in their basketball intelligence as a result of the leadership of Kawhi Leonard. The gamble of acquiring this enigmatic player has paid off in more ways than winning a championship. The latest iteration of the Raptors features a roster that is championship tested and certain players that have stepped up remarkably in the absence of Kawhi this season.

Businesses recognize that winning new business or being leaders in their own domain requires making calculated hiring decisions. One individual can add tremendous value to the culture and focus of your team. Don’t be afraid to go ‘all-in’ on the right talent when you see them! As the Raptors have shown, one acquisition has radically shifted the team culture. Entrepreneurs, take note: if you’re looking to add life to your organization, then making thoughtful hiring decisions and investing in your own culture is a real way to make that happen.

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