ITS Diversity in the Workplace : Opening Doors For Future Success

As companies become more globalized, operating within a diverse marketplace presents an opportunity for achieving company goals while delivering immediate advantages and longstanding benefits. 

With a growing diversity of individuals who possess different views and expectations, emphasis must be placed on investing proactively to build a dynamic workforce that attracts and retains quality talent spanning from all cultures, identities, and abilities across generations. 

Workplace diversity significantly impacts employees’ ability to engage and be productive, positively affecting a company’s success.One such company is Innovative Talent Solutions (ITS), a 360° talent partner focused on enabling startups and high growth companies to build top-performing teams under its two brands – ITS Global and 

Kontingence Recruitment. The Kontingence Recruitment team connects highly qualified talent with growing organizations and consists of 15 employees with women to men ratio of 8:7.  

Kontingence has built a reputation for embracing diversity and providing its team with an equal opportunity. With its wide array of in-house talent who speak over 14 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, French Creole, Punjabi, Marathi, Filipino, Tagalog, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, the team understands cross-cultural recruiting and speaks across language barriers. This has assisted the brand to work on an international basis and interact with a broader customer base. 

Whether you have already fostered a diverse employee base or in the process of achieving this, a diverse working environment helps your organization improve its overall performance and aids towards lasting success.  

Here are three opportunities presented when recruiting a diverse workforce: 

  1. Diverse Talent Pool 
  1. Diverse Team Perspectives 
  1. Enhanced Company Culture  

Diverse Talent Pool 

When your company embraces diversity, it attracts a broad range of candidates from all walks of life. By developing a recruitment process that includes candidates from diverse backgrounds, you can access a much more extensive selection of individuals who possess different skills and talent, varying levels of experiences, and other personalities. It offers a range of viewpoints and ideas while fostering creativity. Your company will now have an invaluable array of skills and imagination molded into a goal-oriented team that will improve your company’s overall performance. 

Diverse Perspectives 

In today’s modern business environment, having a diverse team affords you countless ways to solve your company’s most pressing issues due to a diverse set of approaches. It also presents you with many perspectives, which equates to various creative solutions and ideas to drive innovation and assist with overcoming challenges. These fresh ideas and perspectives significantly impact your firm’s ability to visualize and capitalize on innovative concepts for future success. 

Enhanced Company Culture 

Creating a diverse culture does not come without its challenges and requires your organization’s leaders’ ongoing and proactive efforts. In this ever-evolving business landscape, achieving a diverse company culture will provide you with a robust foundation that will strengthen with every hire. Company culture varies across organizations, and cultural diversity gives your employees the chance to get to know each other as individuals, which only broadens their perspective and keeps your culture growing. They learn from each other to forge mutual respect that breaks through divides based on race, ethnicity, age, or gender. 

By embracing a diverse workplace, your company keeps the doors to a successful future open for everyone. Brands like Kontingence implemented this strategy early on, and it will give your company access to a broad set of perspectives, talent, and the opportunity to create a company culture with lasting benefits. 

Let us help! 

If you’re ready to take that next step toward building a diverse workforce, our Kontingence Recruitment expert team is available to help you with your recruitment needs. 

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