Improve your Chances of Success in 2021 with these Recruitment Strategies

As we prepare for the start of a new year and decade, we must alter our recruitment approach by setting recruitment goals and strategies to achieve them. 

Setting SMART recruitment goals must be a vital component of your company’s recruitment plan. By setting these specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals, you can better discover and hire suitably qualified talent that best fits your organization. However, before setting goals, understanding what you are doing as a company is key.  

Evaluating your workforce’s efforts and prioritizing goals according to your company’s objectives is also crucial.  

Let’s consider these three recruitment strategies to implement in 2021: 

  1. Enhance Your Employer Brand Value 
  1. Refine Your Company’s Quality-of-Hire 
  1. Accelerate the Hiring Process 

Enhance Your Employer Brand Value 

Having a high brand value will provide a multitude of benefits for your company, and therefore, it should be one of your recruitment goals for this coming year.  

But what exactly is employer branding? It is your organization’s reputation and image that is visible to your customers and job seekers. The benefit of having a strong employer brand is that you will appeal to the right talent with trust, ultimately leading to an increase in applications and talent pool size. The candidates who are not hired will become part of your talent community. 

Your company can create a positive employer brand by implementing a strategy that seeks to influence mindsets concerned with the company’s current reputation. Tell your company’s story by creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience, ultimately enhancing your applicants-per-opening rate. 

Refine Your Company’s Quality- of-hire 

When developing your recruitment goals, refining the hire’s quality should be your company’s primary goal. Your knowledge of the percentage of hires who contribute positively to your organization and are received favorably by their colleagues indicates the success of your talent pool’s strength and your sourcing strategies. 

Striving to hire employees who rightfully fit your job position, bring value to your organization, and can efficiently and effectively adapt to your company’s culture, is a must. Despite being a difficult recruitment metric, the quality-of-hire measures the number of employees hired by companies who add value to these businesses and their culture. Through conducting screening questions during interviews, companies are able to filter candidates which will significantly assist in refining quality-of-hire. 

Accelerate the hiring process 

Hiring an employee who will commence the job and carry out duties efficiently is a top priority. While some candidates may be a perfect fit for the advertised position, they tend to guess the position’s validity if it is opened for long. 

Therefore, posting a vacancy stating limited qualifications while mentioning skills and experience preference is vital in avoiding delays in the hiring process. This encourages candidates to apply while increasing your company’s chances of finding the perfect talent for the job. 

Final Thoughts 

By setting recruitment goals and strategies for 2021, you will improve your company with great employees who add value and strengthen your organization’s employer branding. Adopting these strategies will boost your growth in 2021 and beyond. 

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