How We Started

How We Started

What began as a discussion between me and a colleague about the shortcomings of the recruiting industry transformed into a search for answers. From the treatment received by clients and candidates to the explanations of rate generation by recruiters, we agreed there was a gap in the industry that needed to change. At that moment, a light bulb went off for me – we could fill the gap.

There was an opportunity to provide recruitment services to companies that could not afford high agency rates. With our more than 40 years combined of business experience, we could provide cost-effective talent solutions that allow companies to focus on growth instead of searching for employees. Staffing takes time, money and experience. And, due to the lack of expertise and limited access to talent pipelines, in-house hiring is often unsuccessful.

We founded Innovative Talent Solutions in November 2017. We started our operations with the ITS Global brand, offered as a solution for companies to focus on business growth while we took care of their hiring.

What started as an idea over coffee between friends has continued to evolve. As a Black-owned company, we’re now making it part of our mandate to promote diversity, with an emphasis on Black professionals. This has led us to expanding our original vision to incorporate a new service: BIPOC Talent.

Ross Cadastre

Co-Founder and CEO