How to Build Remote Workforce Engagement in a Post Pandemic Business Environment

When working remotely, it is just as important that your employees remain emotionally invested in their job and your company. But how do you keep them engaged? 

Despite the reopening of the corporate world in many regions, some businesses have decided to remain working remotely.  

With a remote workforce, regular check-ins are mandatory to foster togetherness, maintain a human connection, and smooth business operations. These ensure that you and your team are on the same page regarding work duties, which works out for everyone. However, how can you make these work meetings productive and fun to keep your remote teams engaged? 

Here are our top three ways to keep your remote team engaged and invested in your company: 

  1. Fun Virtual Work-Meets 
  1. Online Team Building Sessions 
  1. Friday Close-Off Hangouts 

Fun Virtual Work-Meets 

Your employees have been attending quite a few meetings while working remotely, and the last thing you would want is a bored team. It is essential that you keep them engaged and motivated to participate and contribute meaningfully to the conversation when you meet. So, here is your chance to spice up your work-meets, making them fun and interactive. Beforehand you could try suggesting themes to your team for when you meet, for instance, have a silly hat meeting or show off your kids or pets’ day. Whatever theme you settle on, ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to participate. 

Online Team Buildings Sessions 

Online team building sessions for your employees can be just as practical as those conducted at the office. They are convenient, comfortable, foster the same team spirit and togetherness that you and your team are used to, and not to mention, fun. Team building activities may vary from organizational culture workshops, interactive company trivia, and puzzles to online board games, karaoke, and movies. So, please give them a go! 

Friday Close-off Hangouts 

Unlike being at the office where leaving on a Friday symbolizes the end of the workweek when you are working remotely, you are working and hanging out at the same place, so it is easy to forget the boundaries. Having a “Friday close-off hangout” will help your team maintain boundaries between resting and working. Thus, every Friday, ask the team to gather virtually for a few minutes to recap the work that has been done during the week, recognize achievements, and share each other’s weekend plans. This is great for team building and overall engagement. 

Although building and maintaining employee engagement with a remote workforce can be difficult, these recommendations are just a few practical ways to get you started. 

Let us help! 

At ITS Global, our expert team is available to help you develop your remote team’s employee engagement plan! 

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