How to Boost Diversity at Your Workplace With these Three Tactics

Over the last year, companies worldwide have been showing a surge of interest in hiring diverse talent. But is this a lasting change in diversity within the workforce or just a trend sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement? 

Despite these diversity efforts, many minority groups continue to face systematically higher unemployment rates, fewer job opportunities, lower salaries, and greater job instabilities. 

With the ongoing pandemic, workplaces will not only look different, but workforces stand to also benefit from that change. Companies who embrace remote work are presented with an opportunity to build diverse teams. 

Here are three tactics to AID in boosting diversity in your company’s work environment:  

  1. Alter Your Company’s Talent Search and Source 
  1. Invest in Diversity 
  1. Diversity at the Senior Levels 

Alter Your Company’s Talent Search and Source 

In today’s work environment, numerous obstacles are faced during hiring, including culture fit, referrals, and sourcing. However, a talent shortage is not one of them. Therefore, it is imperative that companies change where and how they look for diverse candidates to fill their positions. Your company must consider extending talent sourcing beyond the schools, job boards, and companies you have grown accustomed to in your quest for diverse individuals. Having a diverse talent acquisition team with various backgrounds and perspectives will significantly assist your search for identifying networks connected to underrepresented persons. 

Invest in Diversity 

Hiring diverse employees is not enough. Promoting and investing in your company’s diverse employees is essential as it shows that you are committed to your team’s growth and development. By investing time, money, mentorship, and training in company-wide diversity efforts, organizations benefit from not only taking individuals to new heights professionally and personally but enhances their employer’s brand and image. 

Diversity at the Senior Levels 

In many organizations, diverse employees are hired to fill entry-level positions. One study showed that underrepresented groups represent 34% of the entry-level workforce but only 15% of the senior vice presidents with a mere 2% Black senior executives. Hiring diverse employees at your organization’s senior-level will help attract talent from diverse and underrepresented groups, ultimately leading to retention. This also opens communication barriers that may have existed, allowing for empathetic conversations surrounding diversity. 

Final Thoughts 

These are just three tactics organizations can consider when improving their diversity hiring. Companies must state their diversity efforts and put these into practice while measuring the impacts.  

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