Hiring for Racial Diversity: Problems and Solutions

As recent as last year, the world joined the long-overdue conversation surrounding systemic racial inequality and biases, forcing companies of all sizes to compete with their diversity. 

This Black History Month presents an opportunity for companies and brands, like ITS Global, to recognize and educate employees from all walks of life while expanding their understanding of the African diaspora’s history. Companies should also raise awareness about the racial issues that still exist today. 

As such, today, more than ever before, firms must look at their hiring processes and find solutions to existing racial bias.  

Here are problems and solutions to assist with the selection process: 

Problem#1: Companies Appeal to Diverse Talent Without a Diverse Team 

Solution#1: Implement a Strategic Diversity Recruitment Plan  


Problem#2: Employee Referrals 

Solution#2: Enhance your Company’s Employee Referral Program 

Problem # 1: Companies Appeal to Diverse Talent Without a Diverse Team 

When hiring diverse talent, a common problem faced by organizations is that they tend to reach out to candidates without having representatives of minorities currently employed. Potential minority candidates anticipate seeing individuals like themselves being represented at the companies they are applying. This fosters confidence and a sense of belonging. 

Solution#1: Implement a Strategic Diversity Recruitment Plan  

A possible solution for organizations would be implementing a strategic diversity recruitment plan to effectively seek diverse talent for their recruitment pipelines. By doing this, companies should recruit where diversity thrives, which means adding schools to the list of places. Building partnerships with educational institutions with predominantly minority students will boost your company’s diversity recruiting. 

Problem#2: Employee Referrals 

Another problem is that companies forget that their best brand ambassadors are their very own employees. They are the ones who know the company best and can act as recruiters on behalf of their leaders. However, when using social networking, especially employee referrals, it is essential to have a diverse team who will seek out individuals like themselves. If the firm lacks diversity, then using employee referrals with a non-diverse team will result in homogenization.  

Solution #2: Enhance your Company’s Employee Referral Program 

Companies can consider capitalizing on their employees’ network through an Employee Referral Program. Having diverse employees speak to other diverse persons about the company’s corporate culture and additional information regarding working with the company will help candidates’ perception of your company. Transparency is essential, and thus, leaders must communicate their organizational goals to employees and their reasons for building a more diverse workforce. 

Final Thoughts 

These are just a few solutions to common problems faced by organizations that consider hiring diverse talents. Companies must understand that to thrive in these times, they will need to start by creating work environments that promote and celebrate racial and ethnic diversity. 

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