Hiring During COVID-19


In a time when several businesses across various sectors have decided to shut down their services, hiring a remote workforce, or simply just hiring during COVID-19 presents several possibilities. But how do you take your recruitment plan virtual? 

This pandemic has hit the world’s economies, and numerous managers are adjusting their recruitment strategies to cope with this unprecedented situation. The technology sector remains ready and available to assist with transitioning to a virtual plan. 

Here are our top four TIPS for hiring amidst this pandemic. 

Transform your game plan! 

Tailoring your game plan to suit a virtual hiring process is crucial during this time. One way to transition is by creating an attractive job description that will receive a lot of traction. Be sure to include the following; 

Include a searchable title: by incorporating an accurate job title and relevant keywords, ensure that qualified candidates will be able to find your listing while searching.  

Captivate the applicant’s interest: having an emotive overview will intrigue the candidate to find out more about your job offer. Use this opportunity to provide a company story that’s brief but interesting. You may want to include how you started, your core values, culture, tenure, opportunities for growth, and so on. 

Transparency is key– clearly outline your expectations, such as attendance at weekly briefings, job requirements, completion tasks, etc. Stating this early on will prevent any unnecessary and awkward surprises.  

State the application process: it is vital to inform your applicants of the hiring journey. Consider providing them with a clear application path starting from the submission of an application up until they’re hired. 

Imagine your ideal candidate 

Upon completion of a detailed job description, it is best to define the skills you wish your ideal candidate to possess. Creating a candidate persona will assist you significantly in your search. This persona may include but not limited to duties, organizational fit, and possible contributions your candidate will bring to the table. Be precise when defining personality traits, skills set, educational background, and work experience. Your candidate must possess strong written and interpersonal skills, and a level of maturity, which ultimately is a necessity for remote work.  

Proactively build your talent pipeline! 

If you don’t already have a talent pipeline, make it a priority to start building one. Talent pipelining ensures that you have many high-quality prospects when needed, which puts you ahead when hiring. It is also essential to nurture these top candidates and to build fruitful relationships to remain top-of-mind and capture their interests.  

Select the right talent for you! 

With an increased pool of candidates, sorting through many applications could be overwhelming, but this must be done with utmost precision. You may want to consider adding a step in the application process, such as requesting that the applicant complete an assignment. For instance, if you are seeking a Content Writer, applicants can be asked to submit a short copy on a subject of your choosing. This step assists with narrowing down your search while saving energy and time. It then allows for shortlisting and scheduling of interviews. Face-to-Face interviews are not appropriate during this time, so you may opt for phone interviews when screening qualified applicants. Once your list has shortened, video interviews may be most suitable for in-depth discussions and will assist you with selecting the right talent for the job!  

Having selected your ideal candidate, go ahead, and make that offer!! 

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