Grit Over Experience – Effective Recruitment Strategies for Success

What is success, exactly?

When you think of success, does that definition match the views of others?

Most likely, your definition of success will differ significantly from other people you know. And that’s OK!

As a hiring manager, your opinion of a candidates’ level of success will vary from other hiring managers. It’s possible that your narrow view of success can put you at odds with exceptional talent.

If hiring by way of someone’s perceived level of success is potentially to the detriment of your business, then what could you use as a more effective hiring strategy?

Try hiring for grit!

What is Grit?

Grit is often associated with the development of soft skills like courage and perseverance. These soft skills can legitimately transform your business.


As a recruiter, you’re going to find many candidates with endless work experience. But what if that experience is just that – experience? There is real value in meeting people who have enough grit about something to be passionate about what they do!


Experience measured in terms of ‘time’ is not the same as having ‘thorough’ experience. Someone who is conscientious is thorough, careful, and vigilant – all of which are gritty soft skills you should want from your next hire!

Identifying Grit in the Job Interview

Recruiters, if you’re looking to find your next great hire – there’s no better way to identify this talent than by looking at their ‘grit’.

Perhaps one of the best interview questions a recruiter can ask a candidate revolves around that candidates ‘greatest’ failures.

Based on their response to this telling question, you’ll find out whether the candidate can accept responsibility and learn from their past experiences or whether they’re attempting to deflect responsibility to others. Did they turn a seemingly negative event into an opportunity for growth and learning? The way this question is answered can tell you a lot about the level of grit your candidate has.

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