Four Ways To Support Your Team During This Pandemic

While some companies begin to open their doors, others continue to work remotely, but they all have an essential role in maintaining order and direction during this ongoing pandemic. What are you doing to support your team during these unprecedented times? 

This pandemic has altered the strategies of many companies. Some are forced to adapt to this new reality, while others require restructuring. Therefore, supporting your team in a workplace setting is essential and involves significant adaptations to your previous routine. Planning on how you approach your staff and the information disseminated is crucial.  

Companies have established numerous support techniques, from mental health benefits and unlimited paid sick leave to flexible work hours to help employees adjust to this new normal. As a leader, building trust with staff experiencing increased stress levels, will allow them to recover quicker.  

Here are our four recommendations for helping and supporting your team during these unprecedented times: 

  1. Host regular catchups with staff 
  1. Emphasize flexibility 
  1. Lead with patience 
  1. Promote open communication 

Host regular catchups with staff 

Simple gestures extended by their employers will touch employees undergoing stressful conditions. Showing that you care and supporting them through this challenging period speaks volumes of your organization and its culture. By hosting regular catchups, you not only check-in to see how they are progressing, but it also provides you with an opportunity to share timely and accurate information, change policies, health and safety procedures, and ways the company will be assisting staff manage and cope with the pandemic. 

Emphasize flexibility 

It is crucial that you acknowledge the several stressors impacting your team and allow flexibility in schedules, work hours, roles, and other areas. Proactively exploring what flexibility your staff needs will support them and lessen the overwhelming feeling, they may have. 

Lead with patience 

Being patient with employees who are reacting to their stressful conditions will assist in helping them move forward. This pandemic was unexpected and has impacted everyone in one way or another, so taking time to understand your valued employees will reduce any confusion or conflict brought about by any work fluctuations. Offering advice and sharing personal experiences may go a long way with your team as they will realize that they are not alone in this, relieving them of any added pressure. 

Promote open communication 

During this time, promoting open dialogue at the office requires dedication and effort but provides clarity for all and will be worth it. You should be open with staff regarding changes, work requirements, and policies, and encourage them to be transparent in sharing their work patterns and life responsibilities brought about by the current situation. Although there is no recipe for making provisions for team stress reactions, listening to your team and supporting each other will make the difference. 

As the situation continues, extending help and patience to your team when they need it will signal your company’s caring nature, forming greater bonds with your team. 

Let us help! 

If you are looking for more advice, we are here to help and support you!  

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