Four Ways to Ease the Transition for Laid Off Employees

During these extraordinary times, the reality is that layoffs are inevitable even among the best companies. But how do you cope with the possibility of laying off your valued employees? 

When tough economic times call for layoffs, establishing a plan is an essential means of making this difficult transition easy for both you and your employees. Working through these details before breaking the unfortunate news to employees is paramount. 

How will the news be delivered? Will employees be needed for a transitional period? These are challenging yet crucial questions. However, maintaining trust is vital to your recovery as a business and brand.  

Here are four ways to EASE your employees’ transition: 

  1. Employment Layoff conversations should be handled with care 
  1. Assistance and Support can be provided 
  1. Select key employees required for a transition period 
  1. Establish attractive incentives for transitional staff 

Employment Layoff conversations should be handled with care 

Informing employees that their jobs are going away is challenging, and everyone reacts differently, but knowing your employees will help you be more compassionate and attentive when giving the disturbing news.  

Having honest communication with employees throughout their tenure will assist in understanding the impact of the crisis on the company, which has led to these unfortunate decisions. Letting them know that they are not at fault will help lighten the mood of the conversation. 

Laying off teammates is not only tough for employees but also for managers who are faced with this difficult part of their roles; breaking the news. Supporting managers by furnishing them with resources and tools to assist with the delivery is vital. Therefore, schedule a meeting to discuss the challenges, approach, and prepare for follow up questions. 

Assistance and Support can be provided 

Your company’s decision to support affected employees, whether internally or externally, will assist in emphasizing your values and culture. It is vital that you show your appreciation and empathy through various ways, such as offering them time to process the situation and say their farewells, providing transition counseling, employee assistance, and written references to support their job-seeking efforts. Above all, it is essential that you maintain a supportive relationship with these employees for the future. 

Select key employees required for a transition period 

Due to expertise and experience, you may require laid-off employees to assist with training staff for a period while your business transitions. It provides departing employees notice before leaving their job as well as an added benefit to your company. Who knows, maybe it would give you a second chance to realize the significant contributions these employees make, and you may decide to keep them on after all? 

Establish attractive incentives for transitional staff 

Employees who have agreed to stay on for an interim period can be incentivized. Consider offering them perks as encouragement for remaining and working diligently. These could include a work flexible schedule by which they can take time off when needed, severance packages, and retention bonuses if possible. They must understand their value and contribution to the transition process.  

While it is essential to ease laid-off employees with the transition, employees who remain at your organization should also be engaged.  

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