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Our Approach

At Innovative Talent Solutions, we believe that every company deserves to have the best available talent to meet its needs without having to pay a fortune.  We are an end-to-end talent solutions company with a focus on talent research and insights, talent acquisition, and talent alignment.  We take a unique approach to recruitment with three features that stand out from every other recruiting firm.

  • Our focus is on finding the talent that fits your needs and not on just filling a position in your company.
  • Our business model is scalable, allowing us to provide a bespoke service that ensures you only pay for what you need.
  • Our billing method is the first of its kind, providing our clients with an opportunity to design and pay for a project that guarantees a talent fit for your organization.

Our Story

Using over 20 years of recruiting and industry experience, we have developed a customizable solution to help companies access and engage the right talent. We use a perfect mix of recruiting and organizational development expertise to provide our clients with solutions that work.

Our services are tailored to allow companies to scale up their recruitment needs quickly. Innovative Talent Solutions is global. While we work primarily with clients in the UK, USA, and Canada, we are available to provide our solutions to companies across the globe.

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President & CEO

Ross Cadastre