Facebook & Google Will Help YOU Dominate Recruitment

Did you know that roughly 70% of initial job inquiries begin with a Google search? How about that Facebook has the largest applicant pool in the world? It’s no wonder that these two behemoths have recently pushed their respective businesses into the recruitment domain; there’s no reason why your start-up business should not leverage these new mediums to effectively source the best talent.

Facebook – A Goldmine of Candidates

Facebook’s most important benefit to your start-up recruitment arsenal is its gigantic user database. Facebook is a treasure-trove waiting for companies to fully make use of it. Most businesses use social media to help them create a brand image online but have little to no engagement with candidates they wish to hire to their organization. Choosing to build and apply a recruitment strategy using Facebook will prove to be one of the most critical moves your technology start-up makes.

Recruiting through Facebook will help recruitment teams save so much time! Well-tailored marketing campaigns can reach the exact candidate that you desire. Moreover, with Facebook’s geolocation tools, you will be targeting candidates within your location. You’ll be dramatically increasing the quality of the resumes your inbox receives!

Google – The King of AI

Google has its footprint on virtually everything; it’s become the first tool that candidates utilize to find their dream jobs. Nearly 70% of all job searches start on Google! This phenomenon explains why companies like Indeed and Ziprecruiter have allowed their job search portals to be integrated with Google search. It’s genius!

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your visibility as a technology start-up on Google’s search for your open vacancies? Not only will Google use geolocation to identify candidates that are within your business’ location, but Google will also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help YOU pre qualify candidates. One way Google uses AI to pre qualify these candidates is to determine which of your candidates actually reviewed your job description fully before presenting themselves as a candidate for hire.

Aligning yourself with a partner like ITS Global, you’ll integrate the necessary process changes to your recruitment process to maximize its effectiveness. Our clients, primarily technology start-ups, refer to us to help them both support their ongoing recruitment needs AND to develop a mature recruitment model. This mature recruitment model will make use of all the tools the start-up entrepreneur have, including Facebook and Google.

At ITS Global, we specialize in workforce management consulting. Our clients rely on us to effectively implement a talent acquisition program that will allow them to scale their growth and be a success. Let’s meet to discuss further – coffees on us! You can reach out to us at 416-689-4653 or email Ross Cadastre at [email protected] to schedule a confidential free meeting today!

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