Diversity in the Workplace: Three Trends to Consider in 2021

From the global pandemic to the focus on diversity and inclusion in the wake of the global marches for racial justice, we can all agree that the last year has placed unprecedented pressure on companies worldwide. 

Diversity in the workplace matters. While customers and employees are requesting that the organizations they support play a role in creating diverse work environments, companies who are already undertaking diversity efforts must evaluate and measure these initiatives’ impacts regularly to ensure that the progress is meaningful.  

As we commence this new year, your company must review diversity trends to identify which will impact your employees and clients. 

Here are three exciting diversity trends to consider for 2021: 

  1. Diversity in Leadership 
  1. Open and Honest Conversations 
  1. Focus on Post-Generational Workforce 

Diversity in Leadership 

Previously, diversity efforts have often appeared last on the list of business priorities, but with the recent global trends, organizations are now responding to workplace diversity trends as a means of creating a better future for employees and clients.  

As more companies renew their focus on these initiatives, they opt to prioritize and invest in recruiting dedicated professionals to lead the diversity charge. With more employees working remotely, leaders will continue to pivot to assist in navigating employees across these challenging and uncertain times. By building on their emotional intelligence and related soft skills, business leaders must ensure that their employees can voice their concerns and that these are heard and respected to sustain a diverse and inclusive company culture. 

Open and Honest Conversations 

Last year numerous companies disclosed their internal diversity data, which was a transparent way of displaying their action plans to improve diversity efforts, inspiring honest conversations. Organizations should not only inform of their efforts publicly but also have real conversations with their teams. Having these open conversations provides a forum whereby employees can connect with employers to discuss and express what societal issues affect them. 

It is also essential for leaders to be trained in taking an empathetic and understanding approach to these discussions. The designing of tool kits to facilitate dialogues surrounding these sensitive topics and issues should be conducted. Organizations who continually take the time to listen to their employees’ concerns and ensure that they have an avenue to voice their opinions will develop a sustainable culture of belonging. 

Focus on a Post-Generational Workforce 

Another aspect of diversity is in age, and today’s workforce spans five generations. Therefore, this blended workforce calls for organizations to consider a post-generational approach. By looking at your workforce’s needs through a new lens, your organization can look beyond generation and work towards segmenting your team based on their attitudes, values, and behaviors to meet their needs and expectations.  

Final Thoughts 

Every year new trends alter the way we function. While some fizzle down, others have lasting impacts on our organizations. These are just a few diversity trends to consider when setting your goals and acquiring the resources needed to achieve them.   

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