Building A Culture of Innovation for Startups

Startup business leaders – what makes your organization special?

Is it that you have an outstanding understanding of your market? Is it that you have a customer strategy rooted in offering them value for their business? These (and many other) traits help to set your organization apart.

But there’s a special quality that your business must possess to be in a class of its own: Startups that flourish into exciting enterprises are innovative, keeping ahead of their competition and are always at the cusp of producing something bigger.

Being an innovation-above-all-else startup is a mindset that often begins at the top. As a start-up leader, you need to develop leadership that directs the organization to innovation. Tech startups that want to blossom into leaders in their market would be wise to review these simple and effective suggestions:

Empower Your Employees

If you’ve developed a mindset of innovation as a startup leader, then your team will soon follow suit. Although innovation should begin at the top, don’t be afraid to defer to your team! Your team serves as an extension of your efforts and doing this will serve your organization in multiple ways. It’s no secret that businesses that struggle to retain their talent do so because their employees do not feel empowered by their leadership.

Understand This: Failing is OK

The most robust of organizations fail repeatedly throughout their history. Apple, Google, Facebook – they’ve all failed, but pulled themselves together and continued to finetune their innovation strategy. Technology startups are poised to struggle out of the gate because they’re engaging with a market that is both dynamic and unique. Startup leaders who are students of their businesses, studying market insights and pivoting their innovation according to the problems their market needs to be solved, are much more likely to grow from startup to enterprise in short order.

Be a Decisive Leader

Startup entrepreneurs can sometimes be gun-shy when it comes to putting a concept into action. Don’t be! You need to develop an attitude of decisiveness to stay ahead of the curve. As a startup business, you’re often creating multiple concept charts – and those charts are often left in the dustbin of history. Pull the trigger on these ideas and see how they develop. Your competitors (if they’re compelled by the same compulsion that drives you) are innovating as you read this!

The mandate of ITS Global is to help our clients develop a culture of innovation. Innovation begins with developing a mindset of innovation but can often end with who you choose to surround yourself with. Your employees are more than just ‘staff’ – they’re your other half, an extension of your own unique efforts. Collaborating with an organization like ITS Global can help reduce the risks that are often associated with making hiring decisions. Recent statistics show that up to 86% of employers and talent managers believe the recruitment landscape is candidate-driven. By collaborating with an organization that understands the candidate marketplace, you can start to effectively shape the future of your business.

At ITS Global, we specialize in workforce management consulting. Our clients rely on us to effectively implement a talent acquisition program that will allow them to scale their growth and be a success. Let’s meet to discuss further – coffees on us! You can reach out to us at 416-689-4653 or email Ross Cadastre at [email protected] to schedule a confidential free meeting today!

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