10 Keys to a Successful Interview

“To find a good job, according to the professional profile you are looking for, it is important to pay attention to your own skills and knowledge and to do a self-assessment about them.

Once you have applied for the job and have been invited for an interview to get the position, it is vital to give a good impression to the recruiters in order to stand out over the other candidates. The selection processes are not easy for professionals who need to demonstrate the qualities and requirements for taking an office. But fortunately, there are some keys to successfully overcoming this instance, and getting your desired job.”

If you are actively looking for work and want to succeed in your next job interview, there are some secrets that you should know. We selected the 10 most important so that you can put them into practice and get the job you want. Luck!

  1. Prepare in advance. Before having your job interview, you will need to obtain information about the position and the company you are seeking a job in. Research it, ask your professional contacts, consult the Internet and find out everything you can before being interviewed. Knowing the company and the position can contribute to your growth in experience and will give the recruiters a good impression because you showed interest.
  2. Arrive early to the interview. It is vital that you generate a professional image in time for the interview. It is advisable to get to the site at least ten or fifteen minutes before, but not much more because if you arrive too early, it may look odd to your recruiters.
  3. Get dressed–according to the company. Not all companies are from the same industry or style, so they do not demand the same level of formality.  Dressing up for a more relaxed company can be counterproductive.
  4. Show enthusiasm. Think about the person who will hire you. They should feel that you are interested and stimulate the work, exhibit a positive and motivated attitude throughout the interview. Answer every question with honesty and education and listen to the offer with enthusiasm.
  5. Answer questions honestly. Recruiters are looking for people they can trust and work with, so if they detect a liar, this will be discarded quickly. Answer each question honestly. In case you need to talk about negative experiences, tell the truth but emphasize the learning that you could extract from them.
  6. Keep a dialogue. Keep in mind that an interview is an instance where two people exchange information, so learn to listen to the interviewer’s questions, be precise in the answers; remember to focus on your strengths. Do not forget to ask interesting questions about the job.
  7. be mindful of your body language. Body language speaks for us and can say much more than we say in words. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid giving the recruiter a bad image. It is vital to adopt an upright posture, to avoid nervous movements with the hands and feet and to smile to the recruiters, but not in excess.
  8. Ask everything you consider appropriate. Show your interest by asking the questions you think fit. It is even advisable to ask some questions about the company and the position before the interview and take advantage to get all the doubts in the moment. Asking interesting questions in an instance like this can generate a great differential.
  9. Use language correctly. Your language should be formal, but not so much as to mark a very large distance with the interviewer. It is essential to avoid colloquial and discourteous terms, as these can damage your professional image.
  10. Express your thanks for the opportunity. No matter how you do in the interview, it is always important to thank the recruiter for the opportunity to be interviewed, so as to generate a good relationship with the recruiters and give a good impression. If they do not choose you this time, they can count you for the next charge.

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