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Your Recruitment Partner

ITS Global is passionate about delivering cost-effective talent solutions. Our primary objective is to provide you with tailored recruitment solutions that meet your goals and objectives. You can focus on growing and managing your business while we find you the best employees. Our vision is to create conducive and diverse work environments where talent can thrive, and true potential is realized. It’s our aim to introduce new talent markets to the world.

Your 360° Talent Partner

Our project-based approach to solving talent problems ensures that you get the
right fit at the right cost.
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We Work With You

We are brand ambassadors who are passionate about promoting you as the preferred employer of choice to quality candidates. We believe in a collaborative process, so once partnered, our on-site advisory service becomes an extension of your team.
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We Hire Right

Our team takes the time to understand your specific hiring requirements and organizational culture. Once completed, we find the most suitable candidates for your company. We help you close the hire and onboard new team members.
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We Ensure Fit

Finding the right skills for your unique needs is the easy part. Our team of experts is equipped with the required recruiting experience to select the relevant candidates who share your company's vision.



We Share Insights

When planning future hires, having insights into the current talent climate is vital and proactive recruiting is a priority for our team. We build talent pipelines to support your future needs.


Our Services


Whether you’re a startup or a scale up, you’ll gain access to a Fortune 100 talent acquisition framework for only a fraction of the cost with our Recruitment-as-a-Service offering. This flexible monthly subscription service will be a great addition to your company.

BIPOC Talent

We have the strongest BIPOC talent pipeline in Canada. With a team of creative and innovative BIPOC talent, your company will be better positioned to meet the needs of your clients.


If you wish to make multiple hires in a set time frame with a fixed budget, our Recruitment-as-a-Project offering applies to your company. We adapt our recruitment delivery to your requirements.




The best talent is one solution away

Our Innovative Talent Solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs.


We are one Company with multiple brands, each aimed at meeting the needs
of a specific segment of the talent market.
We work with business owners who are seeking to grow their companies with top-rated talent while saving time.

Our staffing solution for midsized companies in the areas of technology, Real Estate, Accounting & Finance and Healthcare.

Our nearshore Knowledge Process Outsourcing Centre located in St. Lucia provides an alternative to traditional KPOs in several areas of interest.

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